Saturday, May 21, 2011

Year One

Yes...This movie. I've had it for a while and recently a spout of boredom compelled me to watch it mainly out of curiosity and well... I do like Cera. And... it wasn't as bad as I heard. I mean wasn't great but I guess for me Micheal Cera saved it.

Jack Black, per usual, I hated in this movie. He is obnoxious, stupidly funny (not good), and just generally annoying. That right there really tarnished the movie. Luckily, there were other parts that raised my opinion.

Mainly Cera's character. I know he plays the same role, blah blah blah. But he does it well and I thought it was completely funny in this film, especially we needed that opposite to Black's character to stop this film from becoming all penis jokes and the sort. I also actually kind of liked the story line. Or at least the satire of it with all the biblical references. I thought that was decently clever and kind of fresh. Although it was weird how they started out as cavemen and ended up seemingly thousands of years from cavemen times to biblical times but's a movie. I also really liked the love interests going on, even Black's was ok. Also, the star studded cast was really surprising but I liked it. Olivia Wilde especially.

6 out of 10


Tad said...

A fair rating i must say sir. :)

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