Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Requiem For A Dream

Getting back into the game! I was reading some articles when I stumbled across a list of best indie films, I couldn't help myself and began to watch them all, or at least vowed to watch them all. Requiem For A Dream is one of them.

Now this movie, I can see why it was on the list. It was a great premise, very good cinematography and the acting was surprisingly good. However, I still thought it fell pretty flat. But more on that later. The story follows four interconnected people and eventually their toils and troubles with the various drugs they get hooked on. The movie does a great job of showcasing the effects of these drugs on their own bodies but as well as their social lives and structure. It is a great glimpse into those times and the lives of drug addicts. They go from the stage of, "Oh, I'm just doing this to get some money so we can be happy" to "Oh, man I have to prostitute myself to get some dope".

Drugs Are Bad Guyz

It is actually in this aspect that I think the movie fell flat. While it is true they showcased these quite well, it still felt to me like a typically "Drugs are bad" motif. Once they layed out the relationships between the characters, they only rarely went to develop them more which is what I'd have liked to see. Instead they just continued to show shocking image after shocking image of drug use, which honestly in todays world with today's media. Isn't too shocking. It was almost as if this movie could be a high school drug education required movie to watch.

But overall it is still a pretty good movie to watch. Like I said before, great filming style and I always appreciate character interconnectedness.



Ameridion said...

While i agree that the movie stopped being shocking by today standards I still think it is an amazing movie technical and emotional wise

Jesse Crows said...

this dream was pretty disturbing

Anonymous said...

I think it deserves a little more that 6.5, but I respect your opinion :) nice review

Tad said...

I honestly think your rating is pretty spot on, its a movie I enjoy watching for many reasons but when you break it down like this it never had alot of substance

wolvz said...

i don't agree with the classification you gave to the movie... i really liked it and i think it deserves at least an 8/10... but oh well, it's just my opinion!

XMX said...

I agree with what you wrote but stilll loved the movie

Alex said...

One of my favourite movies, awesome

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