Friday, June 24, 2011

Movie Review: Super 8

One of the Summer's most mysterious movies. I went in with a little knowledge from trailers but all I really knew (or assumed) was some type of alien or secret government project wrecks havoc on a small town. And to be honest, I was pretty much spot on. One of the biggest hyped movies wasn't all that mysterious as it seemed to try to be.

Not saying the movie was bad. It was actually quite good, if you like the type of movie, which fortunately I do. But it was pretty cut and dry. Mysterious thing escapes from train, weird stuff happens in town, air force comes, battle, the end. The movie also suffered from what I am calling "too much going on syndrome". This group of kids literally did everything, to the point where it wasn't that realistic. They were there at the train crash, they escaped from the refugee camp, they got attacked by the alien, they were in the war zone, they found the hideout of the alien, they escaped from that. Totally unrealistic that a group of inept thirteen year olds can do what a whole government has been trying to do for forty years.

Another problem arises from having the majority of the main cast being younger folk...their acting. Now it wasn't terrible, it was actually quite good for their age groups, but their dialogue... Felt like one of those cheesy Disney made for TV movies that comes out once a month at times, and their relationships with one another felt the same way.

But, once again. this isn't that bad a movie even for all my criticisms. The action and overall story with the alien was well done, and while there was way too much going on in the movie, they tied it in quite well. Overall, if you like action movies with supernatural or alien things, you'll like this one easily.

7.5 out of 10


Jack said...

so it was good, but not quite super? doesnt reach an 8 unless you round?

XMX said...

I haven't seen it but I still wanna watch it.

hahaha his comment made me laugh^^^

Alex said...

My friend saw it last week, and told that movie is boring

JT said...

A friend saw the movie and said he liked it.

P. Davis said...

Was going to watch it soon, nice review!

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